FAQs and Answers

Subscriptions and Access

  • Where can I get information about your premium Indicators available on subscription?

    Algorithms are built based on concepts of trading patterns. The rules implemented are generic in nature and the behaviour of the algorithms can be tweaked/adjusted via parameters available in settings. In most of the algorithms, we also try to calculate probability based on historical performance for given risk rewards and present them in tabular format. This information can be used to study and understand the patterns and their profitability in depth.
    Details about our list of premium indicators, subscription and trial periods are present in the article - "Trendoscope Premium Harmonic Patterns and Chart Patterns Technical Indicators"

  • I have Tradingview's premium subscription. Can I get free access to premium indicators?

    Tradingview subscriptions are for using the tradingview platform and they are different from Trendoscope subscriptions. Hence, you need to purchase Trendoscope's subscription separately in order to avail access to premium indicators

  • Do we need Tradingview paid subscription plans to use Trendoscope's premium indicators?

    Tradingview's subscription is not mandatory to use Trendoscope's premium technical indicators. Having said that the behaviour of the indicator may differ between paid and free tradingview users due to the lack of features in the free account.

  • Can we get a free trial before we purchase subscription?

    We offer 7 days of trial access on all our indicators. To request a trial, please submit your request via this link.

  • What payment options do you provide for clients?

    We use the Stripe billing system and payment gateway. Any cards accepted by Stripe can be used for purchasing the subscriptions.

  • Why do we need to provide email, phone number and other personal details for payments?

    Stripe as a payment gateway does certain checks before processing payments. Personal information entered in the Stripe billing portal will be crucial for validating the cardholder.

  • Do you have PayPal or other payment options? How safe is Stripe payment system?

    Transactions done via Stripe are equally safe as PayPal, Square or similar payment gateways. Card details entered via the billing system are fully secure and are not stored by us or available to anyone via this channel.

  • How long does it take to provide access after purchasing the subscription?

    All subscriptions and trial access to our premium content are managed through automated processes and done without manual intervention. You will receive an email within 5 mins with details about the access.
    Automated processes may fail sometimes for reasons such as technical issues or user information errors. If that happens, we will try to provide access manually and resolve the underlying issue as early as possible. If you do not hear from us for 24 hrs, please contact us with your order information.
    If the failure is due to a user information error such as an invalid Tradingview Username provided during the order, you will receive an email and you will be sent a link to update the correct details.

  • Can we return our subscription and get a refund?

    All the products sold here come with free trial access and free equivalents. Please make sure that the product suits your requirements and trading plan. We do not offer refunds on purchased items.

  • How long does it take to provide access after purchasing the subscription?

    All subscriptions and trial access to our premium content are managed through automated processes and done without manual intervention. You will receive an email within 5 mins with details about the access.
    Automated processes may fail sometimes for reasons such as technical issues or user information errors. If that happens, we will try to provide access manually and resolve the underlying issue as early as possible. If you do not hear from us for 24 hrs, please contact us with your order information.
    If the failure is due to a user information error such as an invalid Tradingview Username provided during the order, you will receive an email and you will be sent a link to update the correct details.

  • I have requested access but the indicator is still showing study is not authorised. What does it mean?

    This can happen for two reasons.
    ● Caching issues: This is very common. Just restart your browser or app and try adding the script again.● Access is not given yet: Automated access process can take up to 30 mins. Please check for emails regarding Order fulfilment success or failure.

Questions related to Trading and Indicators

  • I am new to trading. Can you help me learn to trade?

    As much as we want to help, we are not a trading coach. We develop indicators that are complex to build and useful for people who understand them and have trading plans around them. Our liability ends with providing access to our products. We neither have the bandwidth nor expertise in training others on how to trade. We do not hold an AFSL license and hence are not legally qualified to advise anyone financially. Any attempt to do so will put us in legal jeopardy. Hence we prefer to stay away from providing any trading or investment advice.

  • Can you help me learn tradingview as a platform?

    Tradingview is a very easy platform to learn and does not need handholding. But, there is no shortcut and the only way to learn is by using it more and more. We have a basic Tradingview Tutorial which you can make use of to start with.

  • Can you suggest which among your indicators is best for a specific trading style (for example. Scalping)?

    Suggesting an indicator or algorithm for a specific trading style constitutes financial advice. Hence, we will not be able to do that. If you technically understand the algorithms and used them or are curious to explore them for your market analysis, you are free to subscribe to them. But, the onus is on you to use them in the way it fits better to your trading preferences. We also provide a 7-day free trial to explore the algorithms and understand their suitability. We highly recommend everyone make use of this before subscribing to any algorithms.

  • What is the best instrument/timeframe to be used for the indicators?

    The algorithms we design are generic and based on concepts that are freely available to the public. Hence, they are not dependent on any timeframe or instruments, unless we specifically mention any particular applicability. The algorithms we design are majorly meant for market study. We provide plenty of statistics to help users understand the mechanism. It is on individual users to explore further and find their sweet spot.

  • What is the best setting for a given algorithm and specific instrument?

    We try to explore the generic settings by exploring multiple instruments and timeframes. The default settings we have are the outcome of these experiments. But, there is no one size that fits all. Algorithms provide various stats in tabular format. Users are encouraged to explore the settings as much as possible along with the available stats to understand the market behaviour for different instruments and timeframes.

  • How accurate are the patterns?

    "Accuracy" does not mean "Profitability" and should not be taken as such. Accuracy for algorithms means how accurately they can scan patterns as and when they form. Whether the patterns are going to be successful trades or not is a different matter and that accounts for profitability.
    Algorithms for scanning patterns are researched and updated quite frequently and we always try to improve the efficiency and accuracy of these algorithms as much as possible. However, automatic scanning can never match manual inspection and verification. However best we try to improve these concepts, there will still be some patterns that automatic scanning may miss or there will be patterns that automatic scanning will show but may not look convincing to the naked eye.

  • How profitable are the patterns or algorithms? Can we get details of the guaranteed profitability of algorithms?

    Profitability depends on various factors such as instruments, timeframe, volatility, application of algorithms, etc. Hence, we cannot guarantee the profitability of the algorithms or patterns. However, most of these algorithms will come with detailed stats which are generated based on historical price action. These stats can be used to study the probability and profitability of trades. Algorithms try to provide as many as options to apply logical mechanisms. However, manual inspection and discretion need to be applied along with additional confirmations.

  • How do I know if the algorithms are suitable for me?

    The algorithms we develop are complex in nature and not suitable for everyone. We encourage people to buy our solution only if they are aware of the underlying trading mechanism based on the patterns. In other words, these algorithms are made to be used by experts who already know the system of pattern-based trading. If you are new to trading and want to start off by just following the signals, this may not be the right fit for you.
    Alternatively, if you are willing to study the subjects on your own with the help of an algorithm, you may consider going for it. Having said that, we will not be able to coach on how to trade the patterns. This is mainly because doing so will become financial advice - which we are not allowed to provide due to legalities. Another reason is subject is vast and it is really difficult for us to spend time teaching how to trade.
    Traders are also encouraged to make use of a 7-day free trial before purchasing in order to understand the suitability.

  • The indicator is not working. Can you please help?

    It is possible that we have a different definitions of working/not working. To answer in short, our definition of not working is that there is an error on the chart and the indicator is not providing any output. If the indicator is working ok but generating lots of failed trades, then it is not considered as "Not working". Indicators are mathematical calculations performed based on historical price actions and based on concepts. Technical indicators do not guarantee any success in trading. if you think there is any issue, please provide as much information as possible including but not limited to - ticker information, timeframe, chart snapshots, a brief description of the problem and how to reproduce it.
    Please note below are not valid reasons to say scripts are not working
    ● No patterns on the chart: This is perfectly normal. Patterns need not be there on the chart all the time. The indicator only shows the patterns whenever the price makes them.● Patterns are suggesting signals on both sides: Again, this is normal. The indicator scans for patterns and presents them on the chart. If there are patterns in opposing directions, it will show both of them. It is at the individual's discretion to decide how to handle them.● Trades are failing: Failed trades are not defects. They are expected. Trade ideas are presented on the chart for guidance only and do not constitute a trading strategy. It is on users to build a strategy based on these tools.

  • I cannot see options to set alerts. What can I do?

    Alerts are coded via the alert method instead of the alert condition. Alert templates are set via script input settings instead of alert settings. Please check the article - "Customising Alerts using Templates"

  • I bought the subscription. But, I need something more. Can you please update the indicator to add a new feature?

    You are welcome to share your ideas on updates. But, the possibility of implementation depends on various factors such as development feasibility, nature of the request, impact on existing functionality etc. Remember that what we have on offer are products. Hence, unless the suggestions are useful for a wider audience, we may not go ahead with the implementation of those. However, we take bug reports very seriously and try to fix them as early as possible.

  • Can I get the source code if I purchase a subscription or for an additional cost?

    We do not sell source code. Any code which can be made free is already made free and open source.

  • I cannot afford paid indicators. Can I get it for free or lesser money?

    Giving access free of cost or at a considerably lesser cost will be unfair to those who paid subscription fees. Hence, we will not be able to do that. We have a list of free alternatives which can be used by those who cannot or do not want to pay for paid subscriptions.

  • Do you also develop free indicators?

    Most of our indicators are free. You can find them in our tradingview profile HeWhoMustNotBeNamed. Or you can also find a smaller list in our documentation here.

  • What are the differences between paid indicators and free counterparts?

    Premium indicators are up-to-date implementations of the concepts. These are maintained regularly and updated regularly with improvements, enhancements and new language structures. Free versions are either initial or older versions of the paid scripts. They are not updated regularly and functionality wise they are thinner than the premium ones.

  • I am using one of your free indicators. Is there any chance that you will either degrade or remove the indicator from the community library?

    We never intentionally degrade or remove the contents we published. Having said that the old indicators may face issues due to a variety of other factors such as server issues, tradingview updates etc. If any of the existing indicators is not working properly, we request you to report it to use with details to reproduce the issue and we will try to resolve it as early as possible.

  • Do your indicators repaint?

    Repainting is not always bad and some indicators are supposed to repaint. What is important is we should understand how the indicator repaints - which will help us understand how not to use them. Indicators such as Zigzags are designed to repaint and some kind of repainting can be implemented in a safe way.
    We take all precautions to avoid unintended and unsafe repaints. If you notice any instances of repainting which is not already documented, please contact us with as much information as possible. We will try to work on it and fix it as early as possible.
    Here is our documentation on repainting - "Repainting - Complete Guide"

Questions related to Pinescript and Programming

  • I have a trading plan or an idea. Can you please code it for me?

    We do not offer freelancing services and hence we cannot help others with custom indicators or strategies. Please contact tradingview approved programmers for hire.

  • I am new to pine programming. Can you help me learn pinescript?

    We will not be able to teach Pinescript individually to anyone. If you have specific questions about programming, you can try asking them in PineScript QA channels.● Tradingview Pine Script Q&A● Telegram Pine Script Q&A

  • Some of your published scripts are locked (not open source), is it possible to provide source code for them?

    Whatever can be made open source is already published as open source. Any script which is published as protected or invite-only script are done for particular reason. We will not be able to provide the source code of such indicators.

  • Can you do hire work or provide me source code of your indicator for money?

    We do not have time to work on individual projects and we are not interested in selling source code for money. Hence, the answer for both will be NO.

  • Can I contact you to discuss the indicators which you have developed?

    We are happy to discuss the indicators, and libraries which we have developed and published. But, please keep in mind that we may not be able to work on enhancements or modifications on the subject

  • Can I reuse any of the code you have published in tradingview?

    We publish lots of open-source libraries and indicators. You are free to reuse any part of the code we have published as open source. But, please keep in mind to follow house rules before publishing any work based on reused code.